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David is all about attitude.  Attitude is everything.  His story is about an attitude inspired by a Magnificent Artist who carries him and his story through as many life altering experiences as can be created from the twist of a kaleidoscope and the juggling of its parts. 

His life experiences were accelerated and magnified as the result of a life-changing experience: being a rifle platoon commander in Vietnam.  This parochial school educated blue collar son of Irish and French Canadian parents came out of 12 years of strict Catholic education to join the French Christian Brothers for three years as Brother David Ignatius, FSC, leaving in 1963 to become a skillful draft dodger for two years, before joining the Marines in order to make himself eligible for the G.I. Bill which paid for his college education and graduation from Boston University in 1975. 

This same individual having been shot four times and severely burned was told that he would never walk again in 1968.  In 1978 he ran and finished three marathons: Boston, Chicago, and proudest of all, the Marine Corps Marathon. 

During his five grand and glorious years with the Marines David narrowly escaped two court-martials: one when he was enlisted and he told a Sergeant E-5 where to head in, and his last was the threat of a full general court-martial at Headquarters Marine Corps where he put a superior officer on report for unreasonable orders (think of the movie "A Few Good Men"). Who would consider an order unreasonable except one with an exceptional attitude? 

Trusting in the wisdom of his Magnificent Artist, David's attitude allows him to view his experiences as an opportunity to develop his character.  The events narrated did not always occur by conscious choice, but like life itself were presented to him by his Magnificent Artist with every turn of the kaleidoscope's barrel.  "Lucky I was shot. I could have been killed."  Attitude!   

Today, David is a therapeutic massage therapist, LCMT in private practice for 19 years, "He used to hurt 'em, now he heals 'em."  He does house calls only, what could be more convenient?  They all scream for him! 

When not squeezing and pleasing, David is a community radio DJ for (13 years) at the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, 2 days a week Mondays & Tuesdays 9 to 11A.M.  "While Washington DC is stinking out loud, we are thinking out loud."  WUML 91.5 FM Lowell.  His radio handle is Ravin' David, the Mouth of the Merrimack, the Leatherneck with the Leather Lungs, "The Godfather" at Billy's Barbershop, Resource & Reclamation Center.