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151 Andover St., Lowell, MA

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Billy's Barbershop is filling a niche, a crack if you will, where many addicts are failing to fully recover. It is the gap that exists between a highly structured, often locked down, hospital type detox, and long-term structured recovery and rehabilitation.

It is our mission to reclaim those lives before they are lost. Our strength is the experience of the many volunteers who work together with us and each other providing a vital support network for those endangered individuals who are at risk of relapse before they are fully recovered and out of the danger zone. There is no other organization such as ours in existence today. All the community health structures and state-sponsored programs are a necessary part of this. We are the missing link.

We are filling the crack where many are falling through between detox and full recovery. The barbershop is a nonprofit organization.

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Reclamation Exclamation
We be the dudes in the hood now doing good.
From drug dealing to drug healing,
Our message is our experience.
Brothers and sisters, learn from us.
Our gift of healing is for all of us.
We done the crime, we done the time.
And now is the time for change.
Those drugs, those scripts are chains
That we have broken, and you can too.
The depth of our pain
Defines the height of our gains.
Our motto is this:
He is the greatest among you
Who serves the rest.
We are here for you.
Your healing, is our healing too.
We are all one in the now,
And we are here for you.
And we love all of you too.
The Godfather