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  Billy's Barbershop, the Reclamation & Resource Center

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  Billy's Barbershop
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151 Andover St., Lowell, MA

website: www.billysbarbershoplowell.com

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The Reclamation & Resource Center @ Billy's Barbershop is far more than a business. It is a community resource where individuals can gather in a supportive non-judgmental environment to gain direct access to the resources available for dealing with an addiction or putting their lives back together after incarceration that, in most cases, is directly linked to a substance abuse issue.

To paraphrase from a recent observer of the work being done there:
"The "boys" are wonderful and would draw any audience unto themselves with their sincere intent to give back that which they have received. It is a tribute to "hope" from those who understand the uphill battle waged in the war against anything that has one twisted in agony and made hostage to the darkness of an

Their theme? The barber? And the barbershop.. Men gathering at their most favored and wonderful confidante, the barber. So, comfort and trust go hand in hand. Brilliant combination!"

The individuals engaged there know that their own continued recovery and development is fostered by sharing their wisdom and understanding of having been there, done that, done the time and are convinced that change is possible. The barbershop offers them hope, by example, and the tangible opportunity to make healthy choices with a network of supportive people who listen, understand and mentor.

The Reclamation & Resource Center @ Billy's Barbershop is well within the "spectrum of support" providing direct face-to-face support to those individuals who are working to get their lives back together and at the same time make contributions to the community. Many of the visitors to Billy's barbershop are directly involved with applicable 12-step programs, namely Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. As a community resource, Billy's Barbershop represents 12-step work in action. The Reclamation & Resource Center @ Billy's Barbershop relies on help from and works closely with other resources in the community, including the Lowell House, and the Lawrence/Methuen Substance Abuse Prevention Task Force.

In addition to the wonderful work that is already being done there,
The Reclamation & Resource Center @ Billy's Barbershop has plans to extend the services it now provides. This includes a speakers bureau, that is available to visit area high schools to provide testimony to the dangers of addiction and its consequences. There are in the barbershop PCs available for those individuals on the street who are homeless and are looking for shelter and work. Whether it is a warm coat, something to eat, transportation to a meeting, or a shoulder to lean on, it's work providing that. The Reclamation & Resource Center is a 501 C3 non profit organization. In order to accept donations to continue its work, the barbershop is seeking nonprofit status. We are constantly on the lookout for volunteers who can provide either transportation or administrative support skills separate from the business of the barbershop itself. The Reclamation & Resource Center @ Billy's Barbershop is a vital conduit through which people pass along the way in their journey to recovery.

Board of Directors
Billy Cabrera, Master Barber, Mentor, Public Speaker and Proprietor
David Tierney, LCMT, and Godfather to the Barbershop