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Testimonial #1
"Oh My God" is the best way I can describe this masseur's therapeutic proficiency.

I have had chronic back pain from disk compression and have been seeing a chiropractor since I was young. I have noticed that the more frequently I visit David, the less I need the chiropractor.  I am a very picky customer when it comes to massage, but I have finally found my official therapist and I have been a loyal customer for just over a year now. He can apply as little or as much pressure as you request with great ease of transition and does well tailoring each session to your specific needs at the time.

It is next to impossible to find a quality sports/deep tissue massage anywhere in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, and I have experimented with many only to leave unsatisfied and $90 to $100 poorer.  There are still many who are either too weak or too lay to apply pressure that true tension relief requires.  Others still have a set routine and if you ask them to focus on a specific area that is bothering you, they get confused and end up reverting back to a "pre-packaged" massage as if you had said nothing.

I've wasted a lot of money on masseurs at many fancy spas because I assumed they must be good. David not only adapts to any pressure preference but also demonstrates a solid knowledge of muscle structure and can locate problem areas that even I was not aware of. The music is soothing, the environment is relaxing and he has always been very accommodating. I never fail to drag my limp and relaxed body, pain-free from the table in sheer ecstasy.

Gwen Catherine
August 28, 2006


Testimonial #2
To Whom It May Concern:

I've been running about 25 miles per week until surgery last December (not related to the running) sidelined me for two and half months. When given the okay to run, I came back too quickly and ended up with shin splints and a chronic calf muscle tear. Rest, followed by physical therapy was prescribed, with a slow return to running.

The physical therapy consisted of heat packs, ultrasound, electric stimulation and deep-friction massage, as well as exercise. The one aspect of physical therapy that had a very positive effect was the massage, which unfortunately was only about 5 minutes per session. Six weeks of three times a week produced improvement but with residual tightness that still limited my running.
I spent a lot of time at Pro Fitness cross training, since I could only do limited running. As a member of Pro Fitness, I was familiar with Dave Tierney who told me that Deep-Friction Massage was his specialty, and I decided to try a session. I certainly expected that my long-term condition would take a while to respond, but in fact, the results were dramatic. A single session made an incredible difference and subsequent sessions have continued the improvement as well as taken care of other muscle soreness that has developed on the way to recovery.

I've continued the massage therapy and have discovered an additional benefit. In addition to addressing the muscle tightness associated with my injury, the massage reduces the normal muscle soreness of long roadwork, allowing me to get back on the road again sooner with less rest between running days! I am back up to 25 miles per week, with a ten-mile run on the weekend. My running magazines say that massage can help, and they are right!

Dave has helped fix a problem that a Doctor and a Physical Therapist struggled with for months, and made running all that more enjoyable. I would unequivocally recommend him to anybody with muscular soreness, or just somebody who wants to feel better!

Jeff Millman
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Senior Staff

Testimonial #3
To Whom It May Concern:

David Tierney, a.k.a. Masseur David, introduced himself to me in the fall of 1997 while he was a student at the Massage Institute of New England. He called Absolute Massage Therapy in Chelmsford, which I then owned and ran, and stated that he would like to practice what he was learning at school on professionals out in the field. He wanted feedback so that he could amplify, modify, hone, and adjust his skills to be able to give the highest quality treatments possible. Quintessential David: direct, action-taking, embracer of life.

Good fortune led me to accept his invitation, and I have since been pleased to receive many wonderful sessions of massage therapy from him.

David's solid knowledge of the body's musculoskeletal system and his technical proficiency combine with his sensitivity and originality to enable him to do the excellent work that he does.
I have found David to be refreshingly straightforward and honest, with a character of utmost integrity.

Debbie White
Nationally Certified Massage Therapist

Testimonial #4
To Whom It May Concern:

I would like to express my appreciation for David Tierney's work. After visiting many doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists for spinal and muscular problems with my neck and back, Mr. Tierney has been the only health care professional successful in treating me.

The muscular and resulting spinal problems are the effects of emotional trauma from many years ago. Since then, they have been compounded by physical trauma and so it has been nearly impossible to find some sort of relief for this. Mr. Tierney has been very skilled in providing a safe, comforting, and professional environment that has allowed me to get the most from massage therapy. The result of this has been a reduction in debilitating headaches, stiff necks, and overall achiness.

I have been encouraging all my friends and family who suffer with similar physical problems to visit David Tierney since I have not been treated by a more skilled and effective massage therapist than he. It's my belief that massage therapy will become more and more accepted and appreciated in the community, and I expect that Mr. Tierney will become even more appreciated for his fine work as well.

I certainly appreciate all his expertise and skill!

Dawn-Lea Espinola

Testimonial #5

My name is John Aylward, and I would like to share with you my experience receiving deep-muscle massage therapy from DAVID TIERNEY.

I have been an employee of UNITED PAREL SERVICE for the last fifteen years and have had back problems for the last nine years. In the last two years, my back has worsened with chronic stiffness. Although I have had some massages over the years, DAVID has been by far the most proficient at treating my affected areas, and getting me back to work.

I can only say his understanding of my condition and how to treat it was by far superior to any treatment I have received in the past—physical therapy, other massages, exercise, etc. I still see DAVID on occasion for back maintenance that keeps me pain free.

I highly recommend his services to anyone with back pain or muscle stiffness since the results speak for themselves. Thank you David

John Aylward
United Parcel Service

Testimonial #6
To Whom It May Concern:

I have been using massage therapy for the past year. My doctor had recommended this therapy along with diet, exercise, and medication to treat my high blood pressure. I have been to several massage therapists during this period. I had been looking for the right person when I was driving by the health club in Billerica when I saw the sign for massage therapy and met David.

I have been using David Tierney for the past several months. The reason I keep coming back to David is the confidence level I have in his abilities. He made me feel comfortable from the beginning. He asked me many questions and tailored the massage to meet my requirements. He has such flexible hours that he can accommodate either morning or evening sessions.
The other positive result of my massage therapy is that my blood pressure dropped from 200/90 to 160/82 in one year! I attribute a large percentage of this drop to the massage therapy I have been receiving from David.

I have recommended David to several people and I know they will appreciate his services as much as I do.

Tom Bedford

Testimonial #7
For David Tierney With Admiration

For those of you who believe there is a place called "Heaven" and there is no illness or pain when you finally get there - I must tell you of my very own "Heaven on Earth".

I'm a "young lady" of 57 and have had a few injuries over the years. About 18 years ago I was rear-ended by an 18 wheeler; paramedics and firemen finally got me out of my heavy LTD Ford car that was folded up like an accordion. By the time I got to the hospital I could not move anything from my shoulders up. If I needed to turn my head, I would have to have someone come and physically pick my head up and very carefully move it where it needed to be. After months in a neck brace and daily visits to my chiropractor, I could finally hold my head up for a few hours a day without my neck brace. Then I started having back problems - both of which forced me to resign my Dental Assistant position.

Then I got a job managing the Chiropractic Office that I had literally spent so much of my time in as a patient. Almost every day the Doctor would work on my neck and back and I did have improvement.

After three years of managing the office with a staff of four, I became ill with Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome and Fribromyalgia and am now disable with it. That was the end of my working career. When I could, which wasn't often, I would go to my chiropractor for adjustments and different modalities. For a period of time it made me worse rather than better. Then it appeared to help me more and more - but I felt there was still something missing in my treatment.

Then I heard about David Tierney, a Massage Therapist at Pro Fitness in Billerica where I lived. I was uncertain as to whether this would help or hinder my joint pain and aching muscles, migraine headaches and other problems I had. But I thought of that saying "You'll never know till you try it". With every massage (and I went weekly for one hour) I felt better and actually my level of fatigue was less after each massage. Then I began to substitute my chiropractic visits with massage therapy visits with David. It was on David's massage table that I found my hour of "Heaven on Earth". After a massage and for a few hours following, I had no pain anywhere in my body!"

I recently returned to my chiropractor for an adjustment. He was amazed how easy the adjustments were since I hadn't seen him for such a long period of time. After telling him about my massage therapy every week, he was overjoyed that I had found something that helped me so much. I now continue with both my weekly massage therapy visits and my occasional chiropractic visits. I must mention here that it is of the upmost importance if you have been seeing a chiropractor that you continue and integrate both massage therapy with you chiropractic care.

I would, and have, referred my friends to David. They have been helped by his therapy and in turn referred other people to David. My 30 year old son, who is a massage therapist himself, recently went to David because of an old shoulder injury that happened while he was teaching Martial Arts. He was exceptionally pleased with David's works and plans to continue seeing him.
David is a very professional and compassionate man. He is an expert, without doubt, in his field. Whatever the problem is - he is able to help - from a migraine headache to back problems to joint and muscle problems. His knowledge and work has surpassed any one else I have gone to. From the smallest to the largest injury - he is there to work on it. His time is "your time" when he's working on you. He does work above and beyond his calling. He's also a very interesting and informative person to talk with.

I wonder if he knows
What healing hands he has-
I wonder if he know
The pain he takes away-
I wonder if he knows
The gift he gives-
To those of us who suffer.
I wonder if he knows
The hope he gives-
To Us - The weary
And the sick-
I wonder if he knows
The strength he gives-
To us
To carry on-
For yet
Another day
I wonder-
Does he know?
Linda Tasker

Testimonial #8
I am a professional flutist with a family and busy career and often much of my stressful life is reflected physically in my body with tension in my neck, shoulders, and lower back.

David Tierney began as a friend and loyal volunteer for The Andover Chamber Music Series (doing anything and everything I asked, from putting up posters, selling t-shirts and tickets and to climbing ladders to put up our banner-always with upmost generosity, enthusiasm and great organizational skills). Soon I was calling him to come to my home to give massage therapy. Meticulous down to the last detail with his table, clean soft sheets, candles, hot oil, and CD's, he gave the best massage I'd ever had. He ha wonderful strong hands, will adjust pressure according to taste, and will simply massage away pain. He will accommodate anyone's schedule, work late into the night and will come for any emergency treatment with no notice. He once brought his massage chair backstage at the Roger's Center to work on musicians' neck and shoulders before the performances. Another time he showed up at my house during an exhausting 'label party' (stuffing and addressing envelopes with volunteers) with his massage chair and worked on everyone for about 20 minutes each with no charge just because he knew how important it was to thank volunteers for their time.

David is a man who takes on life with outstretched arms. It will continue to be an honor to know him as my massage therapist and friend.

Julia Scolnik
Andover Chamber Music Series
Artistic Director

Testimonial #9
March 18th, 2002

To anyone considering massage therapy,

I was extremely hesitant to try massage therapy, especially with a man that I had never met. My doctor had suggested it as a cure for the painful spasm that had plagued my neck and shoulders for over 4 months. I found David Tierney's name on a list of recommended massage therapist at the Harvard Pilgrim web site.

Being a modest 25 year-old girl, I was initially uneasy about receiving a back/neck massage from a man old enough to be my father (I later found out that his youngest daughter is actually older than me!). However, after my handshake from David Tierney, my fears immediately subsided. He possesses a unique combination of complete professionalism and friendly warmth that is rarely found in any environment.

And then there was the massage! After 2 sessions with David Tierney, my neck and shoulders were nearly pain free -- of course I still scheduled 4 more appointments. His marine-trained physique and muscular hands clearly give David an added advantage over other masseurs who are not as strong. I can't imagine a woman, or weaker masseur being able to work on my back with the same type of results.

In working with David, I am thrilled to have discovered a way of managing my pain as well as the tension and stress in my back/neck. It is with happy heart that I fully recommend David Tierney not only as my new friend, but as a true healer.

With warmest regards,
Rebecca Stronach
Elementary School Teacher
(And 6 months away from being a bride - the source of my real tension!)

Testimonial #10
July 12, 2002

To whom it may concern:

I am 48 and have had many physical problems: I developed spondololesthesis in my teens, which resulted in my having a spinal fusion at age 17 that left me with a host of other back related problems.  My doctor refers to my current problem as "classic post fusion damage."  I have narrowing of the spinal column (stenosis), several protruding discs and such. I also had a few accidents with cars and other hard objects over the years that did lovely things to my neck and shoulders; 35 years of guitar playing and 17 years of computers and calculators (I'm a CFO) also gave me rotator cuff problems and arthritic hands.  Recently I had a 1st degree sprain in my right ankle, which so far resulted in 9 weeks of pain and crutches and canes.  Last autumn I had a pinched nerve in my middle back that caused 2 months of excruciating pain. My doctor says I suffer from, and I quote, "chronic muscle spasm and resultant chronic musculoskelatal pain syndrome."

In recent years I have had several experiences with various massage therapists and began to realize that massage on a regular basis could really help.  I began working with Mr. David Tierney, "The Pain Killer," In September of 2001 and must say that he is helping me manage my various problems greatly. He is very knowledgeable, pleasant and has helped me feel much better. I would recommend him to anyone with muscular problems and chronic, or acute pain.  I hope to have a long relationship with David. Granted, I'd rather not hurt, but as that is an unlikely scenario I expect to gain much relief from him. He is indeed "The Pain Killer".

Happy to recommend him,

Jamie Shaler

Testimonial #11
I'd like to say how much David Tierney has helped the pain I had in my neck and shoulders through his healing massages I have had recently. Also, he has a wealth of knowledge as to how everything works and gives great advice which has also helped me to stay pain free. I highly recommend him for pain management.

Lucy Douty
February 2012